Bling It On: Individualising Your Car With Accessories

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Bling It On: Individualising Your Car With Accessories

I'm Rick, and I'm in my early twenties. I have six older brothers, and we are all car crazy! Fortunately, my parents live on a few hectares, so we have somewhere to store the cars we are constantly refurbishing. Whilst some guys like buying really old cars and doing them up, I prefer to buy cars that are in reasonable condition and bling them up with accessories. From floor mats to navigation systems, I always keep my eyes open for anything new and interesting. Many of my friends bring their new cars to me for ideas about how to personalise them. I am usually able to give suggestions and direct them to the best suppliers. I realise that many others out there may be looking for ways to express their individuality through car accessories. I hope you find some inspiration within these pages. Please drive through!


Essential features to look for in your commercial bench seating.

The public transportation sector is one of the vital aids to global economic progress. Millions of people place a daily demand for a reliable  means of travel from homes to offices, factories, schools, businesses and learning institutions. This need sustains a vibrant transportation industry, with high-capacity vehicles being the primary asset. If you have a market share in the public conveyance industry and own some passenger vehicles, you must have at this time or other considered replacing your factory supplied seats with commercial bench seating. Read More 

Tips for Buying and Using Campers When Two Couples Are Travelling Together

If you and your partner are heading off for an epic holiday with another couple, you need a camper that can accommodate the unique needs of two couples travelling together. Wondering which features and amenities can help? Take a look at these suggestions. Consider Separate Rooms Separate rooms are ideal for couples, and many people might argue that separate rooms are a non-negotiable necessity for two couples travelling together. Luckily, there's lots of options. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Mandrel Tube Bending

Are you a car enthusiast who enjoys fabricating custom parts for your vehicles? Read on and learn all that you need to know about mandrel tube bending with reference to auto parts (such as custom exhausts).  What It Is  Car parts must find their way around other components. For instance, a car exhaust pipe has to be bent so that it does not get in contact with other systems (such as fuel lines). Read More 

Features and Factors to Consider About Custom Made Seat Covers

Custom made seat covers from companies like Prestige Sheepskin for your car are not a luxury just for the rich; they're actually very affordable and can mean keeping your car clean and pristine at all times. They can also mean avoiding the cost of repairing torn or worn car seats, which is often more expensive than getting a new custom seat cover. When you're ready to shop for new custom made seat covers for your car, note a few factors and features to consider and be sure you discuss these with a supplier. Read More 

Boat Towing: Choosing the Ideal Trailer

The boat trailer is an ideal investment for boat owners who enjoy exploring different bodies of water. The trailer will allow you to launch, retrieve and transport your vessel conveniently, giving you flexibility when handling your boat away from the water. Ideally, you can hire a boat trailer from an equipment dealer, but the expenses can become exorbitant if you move your vessel frequently. Therefore, it is prudent to purchase a personal trailer for long-term financial advantage. Read More